History of Slots

A creative and hardworking American named Charles Fey started to invent, design and manufacture of gaming machines in 1894, early in his studio in San Francisco, USA. Charles Fey later went on to pioneer innovations devices with many characters in the game, including the original bell three reel slot machine in 1898.

The “Liberty Bell” design is considered the precursor of all modern slot machines its basic structure is maintained in all mechanical devices and play games online now integrated. Simple mechanical devices with three reels old style fastener 20 symbols in the microprocessor based software with a maximum of five spinning reels holding hundreds of symbols developed.

Liberty Bell machine was very different places that we know today. Liberty Bell machine was almost entirely of iron, and weighed over 100 pounds. The symbols embedded in the coils were stars, horseshoes and card combinations.

Bell was the next operator Slots Charles Fey. But this time, he used different fruit symbols. Bell Fruit Company produces the “slot machine” Fruit gum to winners instead of coins, which was the case previously paid. The BAR symbol, which is still used today, is the “fruit machine” that the original company wanted to advertise its own brand of chewing gum.

After the ban on anti-machine gambling, “Bugsy” Siegel, the Flamingo Hilton famous mobster built in the Las Vegas and is a lot of slot machines in the lobby. He did it as a way to get the wives and girlfriends of his players busy playing casino games serious enough in the main casino.

After exposure, has become very popular and manufacturer of slots for the first time the future before them had fantastic slot machines. Soon after, electronic slots and grooves produced widespread than before. This has also resulted in changes in the production machine.

In the early 70’s, using the slot machine manufacturer computer chip in the machine and makes the RNG determine when to stop the slots. In the 80 casinos all slots with microchips used, because the house had meant a top edge before the introduction of the chip. Slots has become extremely popular in the United States, and it was not long for the world as well. Today it is said that the casino slot machines earn more than 70-80% of the total turnover of the casinos.

Despite the slots, which some have changed in the last 20 odd years and move heavy equipment to the online version, the basic principles of the game remain the same, and the slots are still the hearts of thousands of people per day .

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