Poker Chip Sets As Gifts

With the popularity of poker taking off into the stratosphere, poker chip sets make great gifts. Everyone these days is playing poker. The ratings of the world series of poker have gone through the roof, and now more than ever, people are having weekly games with friends.

With this trend being so popular, chip sets make the perfect gift. They bring a great feel to any poker game. The other very nice quality that poker chip sets have is there ability to last a lifetime. A good set can be used regularly and still have a long and healthy shelf life, and unlike other gifts they will get used! You never have to worry that your gift will get thrown in a closet and never be seen again. This makes it a great gift for a boss. Every time they play and someone asks “where did you get this poker chip set?” they will think of you.

When your looking for the perfect chips to buy keep a few things in mind.

1. How large of a set will I need?

2. Where do I get them?

3. How much do I spend?

Where to get them? There are many online location to purchase from. Make sure you do your research. There are many differences in price out there, but that is not the only issue. You want to choose a company that has tested the products and has good shipping and return policies. Shipping will be expensive, a 1000pc poker chip set can weigh over 75lbs.

How much to spend? For good quality 500pc poker chip sets I say between $200-$400. You can get them for less, but quality will be compromised. It may seem like a lot at first glance, but think about how long they will last with proper care. This gift will never spoil or go bad.

Remember, poker chip sets are an investment. Whoever you gift these to will never forget you!

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